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Clava Cairns Tour

Friday, February 01, 2008

Today, I am presenting some images of Clava Cairns which is a 'must' for persons interested in pre-history and are visiting the Inverness area of Scotland.

The Balnuaran of Clava is a well preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns which were built about 2000BC. The site consists of:

  • The North-East Cairn, a passage grave aligned to the mid winter solstice.
  • The Central Cairn, which is a ring cairn as distinct from a passage grave.
  • The Kerb Cairn comprising a small ring of boulders located close to the central ring cairn.
  • The South-West Cairn, which is almost identical to the other passage grave and shares the same winter solstice orientation.
There is free entrance to this impressive site.

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