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20 March 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Historic building in East Kilbride.

Daffodils coming into bloom in the sunshine.

Statue of Sir Walter Scott.

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Sunday, March 11th 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just about to go to bed and then suddenly remembered I had omitted my Blog entry-so here I am!

Today, received some fantastic pics of Mull provided by a B&B owner on the island. Have asked their permission to place on my website.Will see what happens.

Made some enquiries today of the status of tours on-referred to other operators. Some are going ahead some are not. I guess about 50pct will be done-fair enough I suppose.

My Google Analytics stats seem to suggest that enquiries are continuing to come in which is good. I even get a detailed geographic breakdown. Unfortunately the graphs do not print out.

Made provisional plans to meet up with my "associate" with a mini-coach next week. Just to touch base before the season starts in earnest. I have referred him two tours so far.

Chased up a enquiry dating from January-a lady who requires a self-drive during Easter.Hopefully, she will respond as I have a few days spare to design an itinerary for her.

Have linked up with a tour operator from Essex who specialises in Classic England.We are both members of Travel Trust. Hope to get a good relationship going. I have already planned to set up a page covering Cotswold's and Shakespeare country (where I originate from).Hope to pass such enquiries on to him in exchange for Scotland referrals.

Received confirmation in yesterday that the author of the text on my new Ancestry Tours page that she is happy with the content. Good.

Should be lots going on with the website shortly. Submitted new content and new Keywords. Also, hope to have contact from an optimisation specialist. In this context I need to get up to speed with AdWords and Base.

That's it for now-off to bed.

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Saturday. March 10th 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

See from today's press that the Dalhousie Papers-millions of pages dating back 900 years-have been purchased for GBP1.6M and will be held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh. This is good news. The papers range from a 12th. century charter of David I of Scotland to a series of letters from Florence Nightingale. Interesting stuff.

Another tour enquiry in, this time from a group of four Germans (seniors) who require a 7 day tour in October. I have responded positively and hope this will go ahead.

Yesterday, I was able to help a group of 7 Americans who wanted some local tours. Could not help myself because I can only take 6 but referred the work to an associate with a mini-coach.

Yesterday, I designed a new web page which I sent up to my web manager. Also, need to embellish some existing pages and optimise the entire site. Judging by the number of enquiries coming in the site is working.

I am also exploring how to make best use of a clutch of .eu domain names which I purchased a while ago. Thinking about setting up a series of basic, one page sites to kick into life.

Plenty of work to keep me going.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Quite a few tour enquiries in today which have kept me busy. I think the website is starting to earn it's keep. One interesting enquiry was from Italy where a group of 4 wanted an Italian speaking driver guide for a 2 week tour. I have identified a guide and quoted a price. Will see what happens.

I have started to learn about Google Analytics which seems a good product and identifies where website hits are originated on a global map.

Have re-worked my key words and sent them up to my web manager. Have also contacted an expert for web optimisation services.

I guess I need to get up to speed with the new Art Shop.Will try and make some progress next week.

For additional content I have drawn up a new page of places to visit and things to do (in Scotland).

Have so much to learn about the web-it's an interesting challenge.

Seem to have "lost" my Blog diary of my Hadrian's Wall tour in June 2006. Fortunately, have a back up but it's not exactly the same as the original.

That's it for today.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Phew! Back in to my Blog after a hiatus of a couple of days. From time to time I just cannot get in, which is very frustrating.

Bit of a fiasco with an American group who are visiting Glasgow for a wedding. Originally, they wanted two cars for 4 days then one car, now seemingly none. Also, the groom was, allegedly, subject to a road rage attack whilst cycling in London. Probably have to write this tour off.

On the plus side, progressing well with a couple of self-drives. Also there is a good chance that a Sept/Oct tour by four ladies will firm up later this week.

Keeping very busy with paperwork. Also chasing up some links whilst I have a mo. Trying to get my mind around Google Analytics which I now use for web stats. Seems quite sophisticated. I still have a lot to do to optimise my site. Will probably contact an expert.

Hope to start cycling again soon. Recovery from the flu is taking much longer than normal. Worst case I have had in 10 years.

That's it for now.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not a lot happening today. Waiting for more info on various tours. Have a feeling that the Wales tour during April has died.

Have probs with my Sat Nav. The sound died completely but I think I have found a way of re-activating. Also having probs backing up the memory card to CD. Tried to follow the instructions-but to no avail. Sandy, if you are reading this and have nothing better to do would appreciate a call to sort it out.

I guess the next major project for me is to get up to speed with the on-line art shop which has just been set up.

Hopefully, will tidy up many of the o/s tour enquiries tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just been reading a note from Sandy-some very helpful advice on Blogging and website. I have so much to learn! Will get there eventually.

Received monster golfing book today on legend Ben Hogan. I became interested because I discovered that a relative of mine, Cecil Timms, caddied for Hogan at Carnoustie and there are images of both in the book.

Keeping busy with the tours. Australian lady wants a self-drive and tickets to the Tattoo. Gardens coach tour is also "on" for June, where I will be acting as a courier. Should be an interesting challenge.

Took a lot of pics yesterday of a local hotel which I hope to use for a tour in September. Unfortunately, between myself and my wife we managed to lose the lot! Will probably have to repeat the exercise. Never mind. I really have to upskill on digital photography.

Had a nice note over from the Centurion who lead the Hadrian's Wall march last year. He passed favourable comment on my new content for the Roman Tours page.

That's it for today.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

A good day today.

A lot more content has been added to website; Skye, fishing, Hadrian's Wall, Ancestry Tourism and an on-line art shop plus some other bells and whistles.

Visited to Eglinton Arms Hotel, Eaglesham to assess suitability for four American ladies in Sept. Absolutely fine.

Ordered a new Chrysler Grand Voyager for my business. Latest model has much improved luggage capacity.

Firmed up a "tour" for an American group next week. Visiting Glasgow for a wedding and want transport for the four days. All I need now is payment!

Linked up with another Glasgow based tour guide in similar line of business to me.

Another tour enquiry in-Crannogs and stone circles.

Things are looking up. My health continues to improve.

Back tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

More tour enquiries in today. An American group wants a chauffeur type service for 4 days to cover a wedding in Glasgow. Looks promising. Also, I have an enquiry in for a one week tour of Scotland during July-again looks good.

Off to the car dealer tomorrow to negotiate a deal for a replacement vehicle. Then will be visiting a hotel which I have selected for a tour group in September.

Just finalised a 9 day Scotland tour schedule for an American family. This was brought forward from last year as had to be cancelled due to illness.

Tour of Wales looking a bit tricky at the moment with one of the party reported ill

In mid Feb there were reports on the press of the death of John MacLeod of MacLeod, the 29th Chief of that Clan. He was the gentleman who planned to sell the Cuillins for GBP10M and use the proceeds to repair Dunvegan Castle on Skye.

My recovery from a horrible bout of flu is continuing.

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