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Window on Glasgow Tour

Friday, December 28, 2007

Today, I went down to Glasgow with object of photographing the various statues in George Square. However, the Christmas gaudy fairground is still in situ so I had to give up and adopt Plan B, a visit to the Lighthouse, Scotland's centre for architecture, design and the City. I made the long climb up the Mackintosh Tower for some absolutely stunning views of Glasgow city, images of which are provided below.

Here is the spiral staircase looking down-quite a climb!

Here are various views of Glasgow taken on a dull December afternoon with rain in the air.

Here is the Mackintosh Tower staircase looking up.

Here is a one of the statues in George Square which i did manage to photo. James Watt, the son of a merchant, was born in Greenock, Scotland, in 1736.

Watt's main claim to fame is the refinement of the steam engine.

Here is the gaudy fairground in George Square. Unfortunately, it is due to remain in situ until around Jan 7th.


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