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Night Photography Tour Glasgow

Friday, December 14, 2007

Today, I am re-submitting my blog content from last night which failed to publish.

Here is a pic taken from the Albert Bridge looking west down the Clyde.

The following three pics are taken form the Albert Bridge looking east towards the weir0and some flats. I like these.

This image is of Glasgow Cross and its seven storey Tolbooth Steeple which is topped by a clock and a stone crown. This feature was once part of a lager building, the Tolbooth which accommodation for the Town Clerk's office, the council hall and the city prison. Building dates from 1625-7 and designed by John Boyd.

I like this image which evokes a feeling of bustle and traffic.

This slightly wonky image is of St. Andrews in the Square and built 1739-59. It is no longer used for religious worship.

Glasgow is just great for a night time photo tour!


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