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Glasgow Tour at Night

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tonight I took off on my bike with objective of photographing a derelict church in the Gorbals. However, it was not, as I had expected, floodlit. So I continued on to Glasgow centre and took the following pics. OK, they are not technically perfect but one or two are interesting. I really need a full length tripod.

First one is Glasgow Cross

1625-7, John Boyd

The seven-storey Tolbooth Steeple is Glasgow Cross`s most important feature and it is topped by a clock and a stone crown. This was once part of a much larger building, the Tolbooth, which provided accommodation for the Town Clerk`s office, the council hall and the city prison.

St Andrews in the Square Church Architects: Allan Dreghorn & Mungo Naismith
1739-59 This is no longer in use for religious purposes.

Another pic of Glasgow Cross. This image gives a feeling of bustle and traffic.

The next three images are colourful. They are taken from Albert Bridge looking east towards the tidal weir with blocks of flats to the right.

This one ain't too good. Taken from the Albert Bridge looking west.

Overall, these images show the great potential the Glasgow presents for photography tours.


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