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Lost Abbey of Scone Found

Saturday, July 21, 2007

With aid of remote sensing technology, archaeologists have located the foundations of the lost Abbey of Scone. The abbey was built in 1115 near Moot Hill, an ancient mound where generations of Scottish kings were crowned at the Stone of Destiny. The abbey was destroyed in 1599 during the Reformation and only in 2007 have the remains been located. The famous Stone of Destiny was removed to London in 1296 but was returned to Scotland (Edinburgh Castle) in 1996.

Here is a brief chronology:

  • c700-900: Scone established as centre of province of Gowrie.
  • 1114: Founding of new monastery.
  • 1249: Alexander III inaugurated on stone of Destiny
  • 1296: Stone of Destiny removed to Westminster by Edward I
  • 1306: Robert the Bruce crowned.
  • 1371-1390: Robert II and III hold parliaments on Montern (Moot Hill).
  • 1559 Sacked by protestants.
  • 1651: Charles II last king crowned on Moot Hill

Scone Palace

Moot Hill

Highland Cattle at Scone


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