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Monday, April 09, 2007


Falls of Dochart at Killin. This is a very popular spot with visitors able to scramble over the rocks. Water level seems very low for the time of year-possibly due to absence of snow melt.
Here is the ancient yew tree at Fortingall. The village is well worth a village in its own right-for the architecture. The yew is, reputedly, the oldest tree in Europe. Again, very popular with visitors.

Scenic view of Glen Quaich, Perthshire. Well worth a visit-if you like narrow, single -track roads!

An other view from Glen Quaich. We were fortunate in that we benefited from a sunny day.

Scenic view of River Almond at Newton Bridge, Perthshire. This is close to a Clearance Village which we visited via short walk.

This is part of a huge Roman fort site at Ardoch (Braco). Well worth a visit. Unfortunately, rabbits are progressively destroying the huge earthworks built by Roman legionaries some 2000 years ago.

This is the famous Dupplin Cross at St.Serf's Church, Dunning. It dates to the 9th century . The main figure possibly depicts King Constantine (AD 789-820) on horseback supported by ranks of foot soldiers. There is supporting ornamentation on all four sides comprising spiral work, square and diagonal key patterns and interlaced work, surrounding figures of men, animals and birds. This Red Sandstone monument is in excellent condition considering its antiquity and the fact that it has stood in open ground exposed to the elements at nearby Forteviot for about 1200 years.

Here is Castle Campbell. This is a small but fascinating castle which has experienced military action in the past. Connected with the Campbells. Superb views from the top -when the weather is right.

Airth Castle Hotel. Now a hotel but with a history dating back to the 1300s.

Romantic ruins adjacent to Airth Castle

Overall, a good tour taking about 9 hours.


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