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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Made some progress tidying up loose ends on a couple of tours; one self-drive and one escorted. Made first hotel accommodation on Bute relative to the Clan Currie reunion due in August.

Bit of a kerfuffle midday when my insurance (car) company wrote to advise they had not received a package of docs from me relative to application for new cover. This was notwithstanding I had sent the docs by guaranteed next day delivery and the Royal Mail confirmed delivery some 5 days ago. They eventually located the docs in another department and all is well now.Mmmm.

Not happy with my Google ranking for tours of Hadrian's Wall, way down at foot of page 4. However, 3 pages of new material going in shortly which should improve things. On the plus side I do rank on page 1 for tours of Roman Britain, which is topic close to my heart. One of my contacts on the Wall has promised to send me an aerial footage DVD which should be interesting.

My web manager confirmed actions with regard to a whole host of new content. Also sent down some technical info on web sites.

Today's press carries a report that Edinburgh may forfeit its UNESCO World Heritage Site status due to a new buildings planned for the centre of the city. Frankly, I did not realise it had WHS status. Its an interesting city but gets overcrowded in the summer, especially when the Fringe and Tattoo coincide.

Also see reports that the residents of the Outer Hebrides have targeted the rabbit population for extermination i order to protect the rare machair habitat. Animal rights people are not enamoured with the prospect of the slaughter.

Off to mend my bicycle punctures now.

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