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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today, I designed a web page for my new fishing packages product, initially centering on Perthshire. In a cautious sort of way I am excited about this. I was really impressed b y the welcome and enthusiasm by the local people involved in the industry. However, they are all very wary regarding a potentially catastrophic disease, namely Gyrodactllus salaris. This is the piscine equivalent of Foot and Mouth and is prevalent on the Continent (Europe). If the disease manages to migrate over the North Sea that could spell the end of Scottish salmon fishing. I had never heard of this before; quite an eye-opener.

Heard on the news today about a group (of 6?) who managed to get lost in the Highlands. I think there was a death on the hills near Glencoe. I think there is regular stream of about half a dozen deaths each year in the Highlands due to climbing accidents. Even the most skilled and best equipped come to grief.

Over the next day or so will get on to the next web project which is a page dedicated to Skye where I am now building up knowledge and valuable personal contacts.

Sandy of Tour Scotland sent me a nice note saying I am on the right track regarding this Blog, which was encouraging.

Finally made contact with a schoolteacher who has set up a business supplying virtual reality tours on disk. We seem to be on the same wavelength. Agreed in principle to co-operate on a virtual tour of Hadrian's Wall. Again, I am cautiously optimistic as to where this may lead.

News in from a client for whom I am helping with a self-drive tour in the summer. He is from the U.S.where temperatures have been down to minus 26C. Wow! That is cold.

That's it for today. Back tomorrow.

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