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Saturday, Feb 13th 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Whew! Just managed to get back in to my Blog. Access is fine for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden it cuts off and I can't get in. I have spent so many hours faffing around getting access to this Blog that I have to wonder if all the stress and anxiety is worth it. Anyway, I am back in now so will make hay while the sun shines.

Have been catching up on some family history and discovered that I am related to a famous professional golf caddie named Cecil Timms who was British but migrated to the the 1940s/50s. He was caddying at Carnoustie in the early 50s-I was there last year and had no idea of my family's golfing connections.Have written to a golfing contact in the ascertain if he knows anything about Cecil's family/descendants.

My web manager is making progress with my new on-line art shop, which is good. Also have obtained permission to use a fantastic photo montage of Glasgow for my Glasgow page.

Have just obtained images from my recent photo-shoot of Glasgow. Some are good and I have commenced inputting them to the website photo gallery.

Looking at the news, I see that Western Isles Council has approved construction of one of Europe's largest onshore wind farms-181 turbines on Lewis. On balance I think this is a positive development.

There are many reports in today's press and radio of the excavations at the Roman amphitheatre in Chester where there were gladiatorial and other activities modelled on those at the Colosseum in Rome. Would like to go to Chester and see the remains.

A contact in the U.S. has just shared with me a virtual tour of a Roman Villa in Germany. A nice gesture

Latest edition of Scotland Magazine (no 31) includes some useful articles on Argyll & Bute (timely relative to the Clan Currie reunion) and Genealogy.

Another two punctures on my bike-don't know whether to laugh or cry.May be I should buy a new bike?

That's it for now. Hope I can get back in to the Blog tomorrow.

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