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Feb 1st 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Steady feed of tour enquiries in today. Managed to find a home (another tour operator) for a family of 10 from Spain during August.Plodding on with self-drive tours also.

Today linked up with a tour guide based in the English Cotswolds, a favoured tourist destination and which I know well. Agreed in principle to set up a page on my site to market his tours.

This evening's news carried a report of the visit of a pod of killer whales to the Firth of Forth. Apparently attracted by the young seals. Interesting development!

Another press of report of interest is that of a mooted housing development opposite the historic Borders home of Sir Walter Scott, i.e.Abbotsford House. This is causing quite a kerfuffle locally.Doubtful if Sir Walter would approve, but then he is long dead and life goes on.

Also note that tonnes of boulders are to be deposited to halt erosion (caused by walkers) at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. This place has interesting history part of an extinct volcano and holds the remains of an iron age hill fort. The name may mean "the height of the arrows".

That's all for now. Its getting late, I am tired and I think I have a cold coming on.


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