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Sunday, Jan 14th

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good news! Time Team is back. This time an excavation on Isle of Man. I have taped it.This is an excellent programme which stand out against the trash which most of the channels churn out.

Have just type up the article on the Antonine Wall and for which I have copyright permission to place on my website. Exactly three pages of A4. I see that part of the article is already on the web but I will have the full version. Will probably buy the book, should prove a good source of reference for the future. It's amazing what a complex structure the Antonine Wall was.

It would be nice if I had more enquiries for tours of Roman Britain, because this time period is very close to my heart and location of the various sites is mainly in magnificent countryside.

Went on a cycle ride today. Got absolutely soaked and a puncture at the farthermost point from home! Had to fix it in high winds and pouring rain-an interesting experience.

Working on a few prospective Scotland tours with my U.S.tour agent associate.

Have a 50 page dissertation on ancestry tourism which I may place on the website once I have got to grips with potential copyright issues.

More news tomorrow.


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