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Gaelic Update

Sunday, October 29, 2006

TOBAR an Dualchais: This is a GBP3.0M heritage project with the aim of producing an on-line digital archive of over 12,000 hours of recordings in Gaelic and Scots. The recordings include songs, stories and conversations covering the period 1930s-1990s.

Gaelic now on the political agenda: The pace of decline in native Gaelic speakers is slowing. Support for the language is provided by the new Gaelic Language Act and the stablishment of the statutory Bord na Gaidhlig. The latter is a public body with a statutory power in order to implement the National Plan for Gaelic.

Enjoy Scotland's heritage with catswhiskerstours

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Gathering of Clan Donald

On June 8th and 9th 2007 there will be a Gathering of Clan Donald at Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland. This event is open to all Clansmen, Clanswomen and Friends and Supporters of Clan Donald. Visit Skye with catswhiskerstours

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Friday, October 27, 2006

A new dance website is now operational. This was set up is response to demand from the city's burgeoning dance scene.

A new on-line art gallery which has been established to promote the work of graduates from the four main art schools in Scotland.

Visit Glasgow with catswhiskerstours

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All Clan members, friends and family are welcome to attend the 2007 reunion which is to be held on the Isle of Bute, in the heart of West of Scotland’s ‘Currie Country’ to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Bute Highland Games.


Just a short ferry ride from Glasgow,
Bute’s principal town, Rothesay has just been voted Scotland’s best seaside resort being described as ‘splendid and peaceful’ benefiting from elegant Victorian mansions built by Glaswegian merchants which line the water’s edge. Also, palm trees and exotic plants thrive on the small island which is warmed by the Gulf Stream. The isle was thrust in to the spotlight in 2003 when fashion designer Stella McCartney chose to marry at Mount Stuart, the Victorian Gothic home of the Marquess of Bute.


These celebrate the rich and proud heritage of Bute and include such events as piping, highland dancing, shinty, marching bands, athletics, field sports, and tossing the caber. An event not to be missed!! See video of 2005 Games at catswhiskerstours website


Glasgow based Nigel Cole through his company, Catswhiskerstours and a U.S. based travel agent associate will be arranging all travel, accommodation and Clan related events. Nigel is a member of Clan Currie and has extensive knowledge of the Clan obtained through assisting with extensive research of a Currie family history entailing visits to many sites and people around the West Coast and islands. Nigel’s passions are history, heritage and ancestry and organises tours for groups based around these themes.


Flights and accommodation will be provided to meet the specific requirements of Clan members. If you wish to extend your visit and/or attend such attractions as the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo then contact Nigel.

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In Ode to a Haggis Robert Burns wrote:

Fair fa' your honest, sonsy face
Great chieftain of the pudding race!
Weel are you wordy of a grace
As long's my arm...

The constituents of a Haggis comprise the heart, lungs, liver, chitterlings and smaller intestines of a sheep minced with suet and oatmeal which is then seasoned with salt, pepper and onions and all boiled like a sausage in the paunch or stomach of a sheep.This is served with neeps (turnips) and a dram of whisky.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some key facts:

Visit Ben Nevis and Lochaber with catswhiskerstours

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Oldest Scotch Whisky For Sale

Monday, October 23, 2006

A very rare bottle of 150 year old Glenavon whisky is to be auctioned next month (November 2006). The Glenavon distillery closed in the 1850s.The bottle has been put up for auction by a woman from Northern Ireland in whose family the bottle has resided for generations. The Glenavon Distillery was situated in Ballindalloch, Speyside and was recorded as operating in 1852.

The bottle is slightly smaller than the standard 75cl and is expected to fetch about GBP10,000 (about US$19,000).

Visit Scotland's distilleries with catswhiskerstours

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Tour of Skye (ex -Glasgow)

Day 1

We catch the train from Glasgow so as to relax and enjoy the long but scenic journey to Skye. Glasgow to Fort William then Fort William to Mallaig. This takes us across the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct. On arrival at Mallaig we have just 10 mins to catch the ferry to Armadale. Connection works smoothly and after about 20 minute journey we arrive at Armadale where we collect our pre-arranged rental car from Kyle Taxi Company. We then undertake a 30 minute drive to Broadford stopping to admire the view at Eilean Iarmain en-route. At Broadford we check into the Dunollie Hotel which is a large 3 star hotel geared towards coach parties, but nevertheless proves quite satisfactory for our purposes. A sea facing room provides an extra dimension. After a pleasant evening meal at the hotel we enjoy the entertainment provided by Alan Roy.
Arrange tours of Scotland with catswhiskerstours

Day 2

After breakfast at hotel and checking e-mails via local internet access ( both at hotel and next door at the Esso shop) we depart about 1000 am for the 15 mile drive to Elgol. This is a very scenic but narrow and winding road with sheep and cattle freely roaming around. We stop en-route to prevent a cow from eating a long piece of rope which it found on the beach! On the roadside near Kilbride is parked a van with details of a local archaelogical group which we note for later follow-up. We drive on and come across Duncan House and Castle Keep at Tigh nan Druinich. This is a local craft workshop and show room which produces fine celtic jewellery and hand forged swords. Clearly, very fine products with prices to match. Upon arrival at Elgol the weather is overcast but not actually raining. So, we are able to stroll around and enjoy the scenery, noting cows grazing on the beach. There are boat trips avaialable Bella Jane and Misty Isle but we elect to have a light lunch at Cuillin View whose genial host, John is known for knowledge of whisky. John recommends us to the Malt Whisky Society where membership affords access to good accommodation in Edinburgh. Visit Scotland's distilleries with catswhiskerstours

We then drive back the same route to Broadford and visit local shops: artist Duncan Currie, The Handspinner (sweaters and yarns) and a fascinating second-hand bookshop Made some purchases at latter, Mor Books . Note that Duncan Currie will provide one-off painting and fishing experiences during the low season. For a listing of most businesses on Skye see

In the evening we elect to dine at the well regarded Claymore Restaurant which offers good food at reasonable prices with an emphasis on local seafood.

Enjoy the Scottish Islands with catswhiskerstours

Day 3

Depart about 0945. Weather mild but dry. Drive to Portree (capital of Skye), a journey which takes about 1 hour with many stops en-route for photos, especially the waterfalls coming off the mountains after a night of heavy rain. At Portree we avail of a coffee stop and take pictures of the harbour in the bright sunshine. Then drive on up to scenic Trotternish taking in picture stops for:
then to Duntulm Castle Hotel for a light lunch. This is a somewhat remote but interesting one star hotel which specualises in walking holidays.

After lunch we walk up to the ruined Duntulm Castle, a fenced off ruin which affords good photo opportunities.

Visit historic Skye with catswhiskerstours

Return to the hotel to collect the car then on to Kilvaxter where we pay a brief visit to an Iron Age farmstead and Souterain (underground storage) only recently discovered in 2000.

Then drive on to Uig and the Fairy Glen. The latter is a fascinating, possibly unique, concentration of conical, volcano shaped hills which contributes to the unusual atmosphere of the area.

After many photos we drive back to Portree and then Broadford. At the latter we enjoy a good evening meal at the Harbour Restaurant and Fairtrade Coffee House. This specialises in local fresh fish and vegetarian dishes. Genial host, Martin recommends us to the nearby "blue chip" B&B Tigh an Duchais


After a late breakfast we drive about 20 mins to a parking spot near Kilbride. Then follow the trail up to Uamh An Ard Achaidh (High Pasture Cave) which takes about 5 mins. Here we are given a personal tour by arachaelogist. Martin. This is a truly fascinating and important site dating back to the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) at 7000BC through to the Iron Age about 200BC. For more information refer website but in essence the site appears to have been used for ritualistic purposes. The site is sponsored by Historic Scotland and will continue to be excavated for at least another 2 years.

We then drive on a mile or so (very narrow, single track road) to a stony beach where we leave the car and follow a rough trail for a couple of miles to the Clearance Village of Suisnish. This dates back to the 18th/19th centuries and overlooks Loch Eishort and Loch Slapin. The village was cleared in 1852/3 for sheep running. It was a township of 10 houses superseded by a crofting community with 12 crofts and enclosures. A shepherd's house remained occupied until the late 1950s. Stunning location affording many photo opps but also time to reflect on the lives of the former inhabitants in what was a very remote community.

Visit Scotland's Clearance Villages with catswhiskerstours

Walk back to the car and then return to Broadford for some refreshment at Beinn na Caillish cafe/restaurant, a pleasant modern building combined with good service.

We then elect to drive to the picturesque villages of Duirnish (cows on the road) and Plockton. Latter sits on the harbour looking across Loch Carron to Creag nan Darach, the mountain below which sits Duncraig Castle.

Then a gentle walk exploring Plockton. Unusually, we encounter no less than three separate cats sitting atop respective gateposts. They are very friendly. Tea at The Shores Buttery with loch views then drive back to Broadford and witness some stunning sunset scenes through the backdrop of the Skye mountains which provide superb photo opps. Photograph Scotland with catswhiskerstours

Upon return to Broadford we dine out again at the Claymore Restaurant and then retire for the evening.

Day 5

Oh Dear-last day!!

After breakfast we pay last visit to local Bookshop and Art Gallery for some final purchases then drive down to the Clan Donald Centre at Armadale. This comprises a castle, gardens and the Museum of the Isles. The whole complex is very well presented and, depending on level of interest, one could easily spend a half day here. However, we have to catch the nearby ferry for the return to Mallaig and rail connection back to Glasgow. All works according to schedule. We are able to spend time for a visit to the Mallaig Heritage Centre which offers a fascinating insight into local history. After a long train journey we eventually return to Glasgow at 9.30pm. Along day but well worth the trip.

Explore Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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A 2000 year old residential and industrial complex has been found at Inverness. near to the Royal Academy. This comprises seven large roundhouses and about 12 iron kilns. The team from Headland Archaeology has uncovered what appears to be a major industrial site for the production and trading of goods with other countries. There is evidence of iron smelting, bronz casting and glass manufacture. Some of the more noteworthy finds include a bronze horse harness, an enamelled brooch, a latrge number of woodworking tools and a large iron sword. All the finds are being assessed by experts at the National Museum of Scotland.
Visit Inverness and historic sites of Scotland with catswhiskerstours.

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Callanish Stones and the Moon

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Callanish Stones are found on the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles . They were constructed about 5000 years ago by a Neolithic Community about which we know very little, other than their relationship with the Moon.

The positioning of the Stones suggest a tribute to the moon; part sacred site, part observatory (part Lunar calander and part computer).

The Stones have been arranged to track movements of the moon across the sky from month to month.

Our ancestors knew how to mark extreme positions of the moon and predict rare lunar events.

To the south of the Stones is a range of hills which resemble the outline of a reclining woman. Every 18 years the full moon roses out of the hills, rolls along the body and then disappears. Moments later the moon reappears in the centre of the stone circle. There is local legend that people who witness this event are blessed with fertility.

Visit Neolithic Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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On-Line Auction for Glasgow Diners

Sunday, October 15, 2006

About 75 Glasgow restaurateurs have joined together to establish an eBay style auction site for meals.

This site allows customers to bid for meals at dozens of Glasgow's leading eateries.

About 10,000 customers have registered to use the site including tourists from overeseas.

Prices can start as low as 1p (about 2 US cents) . Customers bid against other registered users for a set-course meal or a selection of dishes.

Winning bidders pay in advance through a secure on-line payment system. The website charges 4pct of the auction price by way of commission.

Consideration is being given to extending the scheme to include Edinburgh and London.

Enjoy your visit to Glasgow with catswhiskerstours

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Europe's Largest Onshore Windfarm

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Construction has commenced on the site of what is to be Europe's largest onshore windfarm This is located at Eaglesham Moor near Glasgow, Scotland.

This renewable energy project spans 55 square kilometres of land and will generate electricity for up to 200,000 homes.

Apart from power generation, the project will provide other benefits for the local community:

  • Additional jobs during the construction period.
  • An education centre will be built providing information on how the wind farm works.This may attract visitors and tourists to the area.
Learn more about economic sustainability in Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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Visit Crail for Scenery and Architecture

Crail is one the most picturesque of the string of villages which line the Fife coast. The architecture stands out, having strong Dutch influence derived from the village's prosperous trading past with the Low Countries where goods included fish and cloth.

Place to see and visit include:

Kellie Castle, located about 7 miles inland and renowened for Scottish Arts & Crafts influence.

The Jerdan Gallery. This sells the work of local artists plus jewellery, glass and woodwork.

Crail Pottery. Produces stoneware and painted earthenware.

Pittenweem. A nearby village which also has a focus on art

Ceres, inland of Crail where Griselda Hill has a pottery producing replicas of classic Wemyss Ware.

Visit Crail and East Neuk with catswhiskerstours

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The following is a suggested self-drive itinerary. A personalised, escorted tour is also available.

DAY 1 -

Arrive Glasgow

Collect car at Glasgow Airport

Car provided via catswhiskerstours

Drive to Wemyss Bay

Connect with ferry to Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Ferry runs at 45 min intervals. No booking required. Cost: about GBP39.00 return (1 car two pax).

Arrive at Rothesay

Overnight at
Cannon House Hotel

Double room with en-suite and four poster bed available

See Bute with catswhiskerstours


Isle of Bute

Visit many and varied places of interest including:

Mount Stuart

Rothesay Castle

Overnight at same hotel.


Isle of Bute

Bute Museum

Castle Gallery

Overnight at same hotel.


Isle of Bute

Rothesay Golf Club

Rothesay Sea Front

Overnight at same hotel.

Golf on Bute with catswhiskerstours


Ferry to Wemyss Bay at about 0945 (times of sailings to be confirmed).

Drive to Ardrossan

19 miles/32Km

Ferry to Brodick, Arran (about 1230) Cost about GBP69.00 return.

Isle of Arran

Overnight at Belvedere Guest House, Brodick. Tel: 44-1770 302397.

Explore Arran including:

Brodick Castle



Enjoy Arran with catswhiskerstours


Isle of Arran

Goat Fell

Kings Caves

Overnight at same hotel.


Isle of Arran

Machrie Moor

Glenashdale Falls

Overnight at same hotel.

See the best of Arran with catswhiskerstours


Isle of Arran

Coastal Way


Overnight at same hotel.

Golf Arran with catswhiskerstours


Ferry from Brodick to Ardrossan (about 0900)

Golf at Turnberry

(Ailsa) in afternoon.

Overnight at Malin Court 4 star, Small Hotel)

Golf Turnberry with catswhiskerstours

DAY 10

Golf at Royal Troon

Drive to North Berwick

105 miles/ 170Km. About 2 hours driving time.

Overnight at Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa.

DAY 11

Golf at North Berwick West, Muirfield, Gullane #1, and Dunbar.

Stay at Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa.

Enjoy North Berwick with catswhiskerstours

DAY 12

Check out of Macdonald Marine Hotel.

To Glasgow for return flight

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Day 1:

Arrive Glasgow Prestwick: 2.30pm.

Collect Ford Mondeo motor car.

Drive north to Luss

On the shores of Loch Lomond

Distance: 100km Driving Time: About 1hr 15 mins

Overnight at Bed & Breakfast in Luss.

Day 2: Monday, December 4th.2006

Drive to the busy fishing village of Mallaig



This is one of the most famous and atmospheric of all Scottish Glens.

Ben Nevis

This is Scotland’s highest mountain.


At Mallaig catch ferry to Ardvasar,
Isle of Skye

See the best of Scotland with catswhiskerstours

Ferry journey approximately 30 minutes.

Overnight at Eilean Iarmain Hotel

Stay in standard room with evening dinner included.

Distance: 200km Driving Time: About 3 hours

Day 3: Tuesday, December 5th. 2006

Tour of Skye including a visit to Dunvegan Castle

Distance: 140km Driving Time: About 2 hours 15 mins

Overnight at Eilean Iarmain Hotel

Stay in standard room with dinner included.

See the magnificient Isle of Skye with catswhiskerstours

Day 4: Wednesday, December 6th.2006

Over Skye Bridge


capital of the Highlands via:

Eilean Donan Castle

Castle Urquhart

Loch Ness

Distance: 140km Driving Time: About 2 hrs 30 mins

Overnight at Castle Stuart

Dinner included.

See the best of Scotland's castles with catswhiskerstours

Day 5: Thursday, December 7th. 2006

To Dunkeld, Perthshire




Edradour Distillery (free tours)

The Hermitage

Distance: 165km Driving Time: About 2 hrs 30 mins

Overnight at Hatton Grange B&B

Visit Dunkeld and Perthshire's Big Tree country with catswhiskerstours

Day 6: Friday, December 8th.2006

To the ancient city of St. Andrews


Stirling Castle

Distance: 160km Time: about 2 hrs 15 mins.

Overnight at Inn in or near to St. Andrews.

Enjoy the home of Golf with catswhiskerstours

Day 7: Saturday, December 9th. 2006

To Edinburgh


East Neuk

Rosslyn Chapel

Distance: 135 km Driving Time: About 2 hours

Overnight at the Retreat Castle Hotel

See the best of Edinburgh with catswhiskerstours

Day 8: Sunday, December 10th.2006

To Glasgow Prestwick airport via

New Lanark World Heritage Site

Return Rental Car and depart Prestwick 1500.

Distance: 140km Driving Time: About 2 hours

Enjoy Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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Short Tour of Scotland

Monday, October 09, 2006


Collect group of four from Glasgow, Prestwick Airport at 1345.

First stop at the Green Welly, Tyndrum for a break and some refreshments.

Then to Glencoe, one of Scotland's most famous and atmospheric Glens. Unfortunately, we are a little late for the main Vistor Centre

However, we drive into the village and visit the Glencoe & North Lorn Folk Museum. This proves very worthwhile. The museum is situated in an 18th century thatched croft house in the main street. It contains a large variety of artefacts reflecting life in the past and is open until 1730.

At about 1730 we move on, up to Glenfinnan but stopping at Onich for some photo opportunities and then a little later at Ben Nevis for some more pics.

On to Glenfinnan, where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in 1745 and raised his standard in his, ultimately, doomed attempt to reclaim the crowns of England and Scotland. After more photo opps we move on along the Road to the Isles to the busy little fishing village of Mallaig where we avail of overnight accommodation at the very pleasant Sea View. Here there are four friendly cats. Nice, hot porridge on offer at breakfast. Overall, good value 3 star accommodation and close to the harbour for connection to the ferry.

The day's weather was mixed; some heavy rain intermixed with dry spells.

Visit interesting Scotland with catswhiskerstours.


0830 start to connect with ferry to Isle of Skye. Journey takes about 30 mins. Weather a little cold and the sea choppy, but the journey not uncomfortable. At Ardvasar we disembark and drive along the West Coast of Skye to Skumulus stopping for photos at Eilean Iarmain and then head West to Kyle of Lochalsh across the famous Skye Bridge.

Visit Skye with catswhiskerstours

First stop at the famous-and very photo-genic- Eilean Donan Castle. This was rebuilt during 1912-1932 and has featured in numerous films, inlcluding James Bond. Spent about 1 hour visiting the castle and availing of photo opps. Weather a little cold but dry.

We drive on through the Great Glen to the famous Loch Ness, arriving at Castle Urquhart about 2 hours later. Weather improves-dry and clear-which makes for good photo opps at this stunning location on Loch Ness.

After an hour or so, we move on up to Inverness, capital of the Highlands, and a very pleasant city in its own right. As time is tight we pay short visits to:

Culloden Battlefield, site of the last battle on British soil in 1746 (where Bonnie Prince Charlie suffered his final defeat); and

the Bronze Age Clava Cairns.

Visit Scotland's heritage with catswhiskerstours

Then long drive down the A9 to Edinburgh stopping for refreshment at the popular town of Pitlochry

Our journey to Edinburgh takes us over the famous Forth Road Bridge.

Late in the evening we arrive at the designated hotel and exchange find farewells with two guests. Then on to Glasgow to take the final two guest to their accommodation and final find farewells.

A lot of sites packed into a long day!

Visit Scotland's sites with catswhiskerstours

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Scotland and Climate Change

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Scotland is getting warmer and wetter as evidenced by:
  • the 1pct increase in spring, summer and winter temperatures since 1961
  • a 60pct rise in winter rain in the north and west of Scotland over the same period
  • sea temperataures up by 1 degree Centigrade over the past 20 years.
Positive Implications:

  • Rivers are in the cleanest condition for 300 years.
  • Air pollution from industry is declining.
  • Waste going to landfill is falling.
  • Man-made radioactivity levels are falling
  • Awareness of environmental issues is rising.

Negative Implications

  • More frequent and severe river flooding affecting 77,000 properties.
  • Higher temperatures which are less favourable for native wildlife species.
  • Catastrophic losses of some bird species through disruption to the food chain.
  • Drier soil and stronger storms leading to landslides and disruption to to transport links.
  • Population affected by more respiratory illness and heat-related distress but fewer cold related deaths.
  • Periods of reduced river flow and higher water treatment costs.
  • More summer smogs.
  • Weather more erratic, with higher incidence of of extreme weather.
Visit changing Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A short life history:

  • Born about 1514 in Haddington of townsfolk stock.
  • Ordained as a priest but did not serve a parish.
  • Qualified as a Notary ( equivalent to modern day Solicitor).
  • Tutored sons of country gentlemen.
  • Developed bitter hatred of Church of Rome due to the burning of his mentor, Wishart.
  • Was captured by the French at St. Andrews garrison in 1547 and became a galley slave.
  • Released from slavery in 1549 and made way to England; considered a safe place for a man of his views.
  • Invited to preach before the young King Edward VI who was being brought up as a Protestant.
  • Was offered and refused the Bishopric of Rochester.
  • When Mary succeeded to the throne in 1553, Knox fled to the Continent, first Frankfort then Geneva where the Reformation was directed by John Calvin who systematized a radical Protestant theology.
  • England reverted to Catholicism under Mary Tudor and her husband, Philip II.
  • Scotland became a satellite of France.
  • Knox spent some months in Scotland in 1555-6 preaching in a number of houses. Then left for Geneva.
  • Mary Tudor dies 17th November 1558.
  • England moves to Protestantism.
  • Scots and English share affinity of purpose-free from servitude to France, Spain and the Pope.
  • Knox lands in Scotland in 1559.
  • In 1560 Knox returns to the pulpit in St. Giles.
  • In August 1560 Parliament abolished the authority of the Pope, forbade the Mass and approved a reformed Confession of Faith.
  • Knox denounces Queen Mary's mass.
  • Knox dies in Edinburgh on 24th November 1572.
Visit historic Scotland with catswhiskerstours

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Six Day Scotland Tour


Day 1-

Arrive Edinburgh

Overnight at the centrally situated Apex City Hotel, 61 Grassmarket.

Visit Old Edinburgh with catswhiskerstours

Day 2-

Collect 0915 then:

Overnight at Albany hotel, North Street, St. Andrews.

Visit Fife with catswhiskerstours

Day 3-Tuesday, May 22nd.

Collect 0915 then:

Overnight at Atholl Palace, Pitlochry.

Visit beautiful Perthshire with catswhiskerstours

Day 4-

Collect 0915

Overnight at Castle Stuart (No lifts/elevators).

Visit Inverness with catswhiskerstours

Day 5-

Collect 0915 then:

Overnight at Airds Hotel and Restaurant

Recommend dinner at the Airds where dress code is “smart, no jeans, training shoes, t-shirts, etc, however we do not insist upon jacket and tie.”

Visit Scotland's West Coast with catswhiskerstours

Day 6-

Collect at 0915 then:

Overnight Glasgow at The Kelvingrove Hotel, 944 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Visit historic Glasgow with catswhiskerstours

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