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Scotland and Climate Change

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Scotland is getting warmer and wetter as evidenced by:
  • the 1pct increase in spring, summer and winter temperatures since 1961
  • a 60pct rise in winter rain in the north and west of Scotland over the same period
  • sea temperataures up by 1 degree Centigrade over the past 20 years.
Positive Implications:

  • Rivers are in the cleanest condition for 300 years.
  • Air pollution from industry is declining.
  • Waste going to landfill is falling.
  • Man-made radioactivity levels are falling
  • Awareness of environmental issues is rising.

Negative Implications

  • More frequent and severe river flooding affecting 77,000 properties.
  • Higher temperatures which are less favourable for native wildlife species.
  • Catastrophic losses of some bird species through disruption to the food chain.
  • Drier soil and stronger storms leading to landslides and disruption to to transport links.
  • Population affected by more respiratory illness and heat-related distress but fewer cold related deaths.
  • Periods of reduced river flow and higher water treatment costs.
  • More summer smogs.
  • Weather more erratic, with higher incidence of of extreme weather.
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