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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A short life history:

  • Born about 1514 in Haddington of townsfolk stock.
  • Ordained as a priest but did not serve a parish.
  • Qualified as a Notary ( equivalent to modern day Solicitor).
  • Tutored sons of country gentlemen.
  • Developed bitter hatred of Church of Rome due to the burning of his mentor, Wishart.
  • Was captured by the French at St. Andrews garrison in 1547 and became a galley slave.
  • Released from slavery in 1549 and made way to England; considered a safe place for a man of his views.
  • Invited to preach before the young King Edward VI who was being brought up as a Protestant.
  • Was offered and refused the Bishopric of Rochester.
  • When Mary succeeded to the throne in 1553, Knox fled to the Continent, first Frankfort then Geneva where the Reformation was directed by John Calvin who systematized a radical Protestant theology.
  • England reverted to Catholicism under Mary Tudor and her husband, Philip II.
  • Scotland became a satellite of France.
  • Knox spent some months in Scotland in 1555-6 preaching in a number of houses. Then left for Geneva.
  • Mary Tudor dies 17th November 1558.
  • England moves to Protestantism.
  • Scots and English share affinity of purpose-free from servitude to France, Spain and the Pope.
  • Knox lands in Scotland in 1559.
  • In 1560 Knox returns to the pulpit in St. Giles.
  • In August 1560 Parliament abolished the authority of the Pope, forbade the Mass and approved a reformed Confession of Faith.
  • Knox denounces Queen Mary's mass.
  • Knox dies in Edinburgh on 24th November 1572.
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