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Glasgow and Donald Cameron of Lochiel

Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 16, 2006 marks the day when the City of Glasgow pays a tribute to an event more than 260 years ago when Donald Cameron of Lochiel intervened to prevent the destruction of the City by the Jacobite army in revenge for the City's hostility to the Jacobite cause. The Jacobites were successful in procuring supplies ( and imposing a severe fine) but were persuaded not to sack the City by 'Gentle Lochiel' under threat of the withdrawal of his Clan from the Jacobite cause.

In recognition of the City's appreciation the town magistrates decreed that each time Lochiel or his descendents entered the City, bells would be rung in their honour. Today (16th.) the current chief, Donald Cameron of Lochiel and senior members of the clan will pay their first official visit to Glasgow since the 1970s in recognition of which they will be greeted by the sound of bells peeling from Tron Steeple and St.George's Tron.

Sadly, Cameron of Lochiel was wounded at the battle of Culloden and was exiled to France where he died in 1748.

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