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Roman Britain: Archaeology

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A recent press report suugests that two imperial busts from Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent are of Pertinax, an obscure governor of Roman Britain who reigned briefy in AD192, and his father, Publius Helvius Successus. Pertinax acceded after the murder of Commodus but was mudered on the Palatine Hill in Rome. There is speculation that Lullingstone served as a luxurious retreat for the governor.The bust was damaged by as a result of damnatio memoriae by soldiers who resented his discipline. Another report speculates that Fishbourne Palace was built not for Togidubnus or Togodumnus around the time of the Roman invasion of AD 43 but for Lucullus around AD90, in the reign of Domitian. For tours of Roman Britain contact Catswhiskerstours

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